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Real-Estate-Agent-Success-500x210I grew up watching reruns of the Batman television shows starring Adam West.  In 1989, Michael Keaton reprised the role and brought the character back into the main stream.

Then in 2005, Christian Bale starred in Batman Begins.  Today the character is still a popular superhero.

So, what makes Batman a superhero?

He was not born with any super powers, isn’t an alien that gets power from our sun and wasn’t bit by a bat and given super strength. Read more

spruce-up-marketing-image-532x210Sunshine, lazy days spent at the ballpark and ice cream, lots of ice cream.

All things I think of when summertime rolls around.

While much of summer might be spent outdoors, taking the time to spruce up your marketing image both offline and online can be a simple way to infuse new life into your personal brand! Read more

Creating-Customer-WOW-in-Your-Business-500x210Over the last two weeks I had the privilege of sharing concepts with the team at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate. During the two webinars we talked about creating customer WOW and how the “little things” can truly make a big difference.

Below are a few of the highlights and key points we discussed. Hopefully they will provide a forum for discussion within your office and thought starters so you can begin building WOW into your business. Read more

Mobile-Marketing-Edge-500x210More than half the people you meet on a daily basis own a smartphone.

In an IDC study sponsored by Facebook entitled “Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged,” nearly 80% of respondents reported that their smartphone was within hands reach for all but two hours of their waking day.

More importantly, smartphone adoption rates continue to increase across all Read more